The brainchild of the tireless trio made up of  Dave Santos, Mark Bloomstein and Christian Galpin, Mighty Music Bingo came to life in 2012 after Dave hosted a trivia night and had one of the members of our great Armed Forces tell him they played a music bingo game in Canada and overseas and wondered why no-one  was doing it here in the U.S. 

Researched showed that Music Bingo was very popular in England, Ireland and Canada but only happening at one Las Vegas location being used as a test spot by one of the overseas companies.

   We came up with the name Mighty Music Bingo, the only trademarked Music Bingo name in the U.S. (USPTO trademark #86413424),and despite what others may claim, we were as far as we know, the first U.S.based group to promote Music Bingo.

   MMB club nights usually consist of two rounds, one shorter round and one longer round, encompassing a two hour window. Prizes vary but generally consist of gift certificates from the venue and "swag" (t-shirts, glasses,key chains etc.)

    We can tailor our Bingo programs for any type of private party or fundraiser. We also have trivia, karaoke, lip sync nights and more at our venues, please scroll down the Events page for those listings.

   Thanks for checking us out and please explore the website. If you are interested in hiring us for a venue or private function contact us anytime for more info.