Bingo Programs

Please read our program descriptions to the right and call or message with any questions or for pricing.


Campgrounds / Kids / Family Fun

If you run a campground, Mighty Music Bingo and it's associated programs (see our More Than Bingo page) are perfect for family entertainment!

Not a campground but having a party for kids or families? We can apply our campground programs to your event.

Add on Services:

Bingo programs typically run two hours. Want to keep the fun going when the bingo program ends?

All you have to do is add a Disc Jockey and/or Karaoke and more for a very reasonable rate. 

For a list of services, please see our More Than Bingo page.

Please call or message for pricing.



Fun for patrons of all ages, our bar/restaurant  programs are based around two games of Mighty Music Bingo played during a two hour window. The first game is a shorter game designed to have quick winners and get peoples attention. The second game is longer and normally has larger prizes awarded.

We have very creative music categories which can be tailored to your business. We can have an 80's game or a game based on songs about cars and driving, whatever your or your patrons would like. We are always coming up with fun, new categories of music.

Want to have Mighty Music Bingo for just one night, a holiday or special occasion? We can tailor Mighty Music Bingo for  St. Pats Day, Halloween etc.

Your venue is responsible for providing prizes, we can recommend very affordable prize packages to you. We can also set up monthly contests and tournaments. We provide marketing assistance such as posters, social media postings, your venue listed on our website/facebook and more.

Corporations / Organizations / Fundraisers / Team Building

Mighty Music Bingo is great for simple, fun, team building style programs for your corporation or organization. We will work with you to design a great program at extremely affordable rates.

MMB works for small groups in a relaxed setting or it could be an integral part of a larger or more formal event.

If you are looking for a more involved Team Building program, we can incorporate MMB into a more traditional team building.

Senior Bingo

Name that Tune Meets Bingo with Trivia in a relaxed Team Building setting.

Seniors are the fastest growing age group in the country and our specialized Better Times program includes  the best music from days past combined with simple and fun team building exercises.

Many cities and states now require senior facilities to run approved programs designed to improve memory and cognitive skills for seniors.

What is the biggest difference between traditional bingo and MMB? It is really Apples & Oranges comparing the two. When a senior hears a caller say "B 17" they don't think "I remember the first time I heard the number seventeen" and smile!

However, when they hear the bingo caller play "Fly Me To The Moon", it transports them back in time and gives them a truly unique cognitive experience.

As we say in our advertisements "This ain't your mothers bingo"!

An important part of what we do with our seniors is based around the ability of our hosts to interact with them in a fun relaxed manner. Not only will your host play that Frank Sinatra song, he will talk with them and throw out trivia about Frank. Your seniors will love our hosts!